[Sixteenth-century book]. [Josse BADE]. JUSTINUS.... - Lot 13 - Kâ-Mondo

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[Sixteenth-century book]. [Josse BADE]. JUSTINUS.... - Lot 13 - Kâ-Mondo
[Sixteenth-century book]. [Josse BADE]. JUSTINUS. FLORUS. SEXTUS RUFUS. THUCYDIDE. HEGESIPPE. Collection of three impressions by Josse Bade: Justinus, Florus and Sextus Ruffus. 1524. [Followed by:] Thucydides. 1513. [And of:] Hegesippus. 1524. Paris, Josse Bade, 1513-1524. Three works in 1 vol. small in-folio [250 x 280 mm], contemporary brown basane, spine with 5 nerves and mute, boards decorated with three cold-framed scrolls: scrolls of flowers, four-petal flowers in wavy curves and flowers. (Binding restored, endpapers renewed, small galls affecting the first few leaves and then in the margins without touching the text, gaps without missing some leaves of the third book, light wetness to the last leaves with marginal lack). Iustini Quatuor & quadraginta librorum historiarum Trogi Pompei [] Lucii Flori Historie romane in quatuor volumina [] Sexti ad hoc Ruffi viri consularis de Historia romana [] [6]-84 leaves (signed: A6, a-i8, and k-l6). Epistle of Baden addressed to Ludovio Allegrino dated Christmas 1524 on verso of title, followed by table in three columns. The Justin begins on fol. 1, Florus opens on the verso of ff. 55, preceded by an epistle by Philip Beroalde, and Sextus Ruffus begins on ff. 80 vo. Subscription on the last leaf dated 15 December 1524 (Renouard, Badius II, 533-534; Imprimeurs II, marque 2, encadrement C). [Bound with:] Thucydidis [] De Bello Pelopon[n]ensium Atheniensiumq[ue] libri octo Laurentio Vallen[si] interprete accuratissimo. Una cum Vita authoris... 122-(3) leaves (sign.: A-P8 and Q5). Gothic characters for the current titles. The work contains the eight books translated into Latin by Lorenzo Valla, followed on ff. 121 vo by a life of Thucydides attributed to Marcellinus and translated by Bartolomeo Partenio. At the end, an alphabetical table in three columns, ending with the subscription dated 13 July 1513 (Renouard, Badius III, 303-304; Imprimeurs II, marque 1, encadrement C). [Followed by :] Hegesippi [] De Bello Judaico, scaeptri sublatione, judeorum dispersione, et Hierosolymitano escidio, avio Ambrosio... graeca latina facta... 86 leaves (signed: A-K8 and L6.) On the verso of the title: preface by Baden to Guillaume Briçonnet dated 1510. Baden's notice is on the last leaf, dated 13 November 1524. (Renouard, Badius II, 488-489; Imprimeurs II, mark 2, frame C). Titles in large monumental woodcut frames with typographical marks by J. Bade. Some annotations and a manuscript bookplate in a 16th century hand on the titles with a purchase note in the first text. Antique engraved and handwritten bookplate of R. Guerriers.
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