[Post-incunabula]. SPAGNOLI (Giovanni Battista);... - Lot 18 - Kâ-Mondo

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[Post-incunabula]. SPAGNOLI (Giovanni Battista);... - Lot 18 - Kâ-Mondo
[Post-incunabula]. SPAGNOLI (Giovanni Battista); FILELFO (Francesco). Reunion of two works in 1 vol. in-4, half-bound in cold-stamped sow's skin on wood, spine with 5 nerves, 3 of which are double, clasp attached (old factitious collection from which pieces have been extracted, the spine washed and roughly reduced and reassembled, endpapers renewed; heavy wetness affecting the paper in the lateral margins of the 1st half of the volume; soiling without gravity in the margins of the rest). - SPAGNOLI (Giovanni Battista). Baptiste Mantuani Buccolica seu Adolesce[n]tia in decem aeglogas diuisa Carmen eiusdem de sancto Iohanne baptista [Strasbourg], Prüss, 1506. In-4, [6]-LXXX-[2] f. Rare Strasbourg edition of these works by the neo-Latin humanist poet G. B. Spagnoli, also known as Baptist of Mantua, or Mantuan (1447-1516). The publisher had first published it in 1502, with the commentaries of the scholarly printer-librarian Josse Bade, which we find here. Colophon: "Denuo castigatum: Impressit Iohannes Prüss Ciuis Argentinus in aedibus zum Thiergarten Anno M.CCCCC.VI.". Sign. A-C 6, D-E 4, F 8, G-H 4, I 8, K-L 4, M 8, N-O 4, P 8, Q 6. Antique bookplate scratched at the head of the title. (VD16 S 7174). [Bound in the suite]: FILELFO (Francesco). Fra[n]cisci Philelfi Epistole breuiores, elega[n]tiores, et iuuenib[us] magis vtiles, ex toto epistolar[um] eius volumine, laboriose collecte. [Cologne, Quentel, 1501]. In-4, [6]-LX f. Rare edition of this collection of letters by Francesco Filelfo (1398 - 1481, also known as Philelphus), one of the most brilliant Italian humanist philologists of his time. At the colophon: Impresse Colonie: P[er] ... Henricu[m] Quentell, Anno virginei partus Millesimo q[ui]ngentesimop[ri]mo ipso die sancti Albani [22 June 1501]. Sign. [6] f., A6, B4, C8, D4, E8, F4, G8, H4, I8, K6. Early annotations on first 5 f. of text. (USTC 657901; VD16 F1021).
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