[Manuscript]. [OEnology, vineyards]. [Burgundy... - Lot 247 - Kâ-Mondo

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[Manuscript]. [OEnology, vineyards]. [Burgundy... - Lot 247 - Kâ-Mondo
[Manuscript]. [OEnology, vineyards]. [Burgundy and Guyenne]. Important set of manuscript documents from the 17th and 19th centuries. Provenance: Rémi Flachard, bookseller specialized in gastronomy and oenology, established in Paris rue du Bac until 2018, who acquired a part of it from the collector Bernard Chwartz. /// ERRATUM !!! = NOT PRESENTED AT THE PUBLIC AUCTION AND THEREFORE REMOVED FROM LOT 247 OF 25.10.2022 BECAUSE REQUESTED AS A PUBLIC ARCHIVES DOCUMENT BY THE MINISTRY OF THE ARMY ====== - MURAT (Joachim). Letter signed to [Dejean], minister of the war. 24 thermidor year 12 [12 August 1804]. 1 page in-4°, on the letterhead of the Government of Paris, modern marbled midnight blue half-basin with corners, figure of Bernard Chwartz gilded on the upper cover (spine and corners rubbed, a few freckles). Murat asks that wine be substituted for the alcohol distributed to the troops in Paris on days of maneuvers, "the first of these drinks being more salutary than the author and more suitable to the health of the soldier". Autograph note by Dejean in the margin: "To grant for the first maneuver only, and because of the considerable expense that would result, to submit the request to S[a] M[ajesté] for the future. (Chwartz, M 182). ====== END OF ERRATUM /// - Set of 13 wills of winegrowers. 1691-1713. In-4, in all 15 leaves (folds, small defects). These winegrowers were active in Bissy-la-Mâconaise (wills of 1691, 1702), Lugny (1691, 1703 (x 2), 1704, 1707, 1708, 1709), Burgy (1694), Montbellet (1713), Scissé (1706), Cruzilles (1707). Are joined 5 documents (XVIIIth - XIXth c.), among which 2 printed pieces. - Burgundy]. Sentence of request which forbids the Bernardine ladies to harvest the vines which they have outside their walled houses on the Lord's day. August 30, 1720. 8 f., stamped parchment. The vines concerned are on the land of Morey in Saône-et-Loire. - Book of grain harvests and sheep and cattle breeding, with some mentions of vineyard plantations, for an estate located in Olon near Ouroux-sur-Saône, written between 1755 and 1823, small in-4, soft vellum of the period, laces. - Set of 22 pieces 18th-19th c., and one on parchment 17th c. Subjects: Nuys; vineyards; letter by Bachet to the procurator of Beaune on the problems of invasion of the vineyards by cattle; recipe for reddening the wine; Bligny les Beaune; land purchases; Savigny-les-Beaune; letter from Baron de Copens to the mayor of Beaune in 1807; extract from the cadastral matrix of Beaune, table around 1830 - Pommard. Set of 16 pieces mainly from the 18th century, including a large folding map of vineyards. Several sales on Pommard, documents in-folio on paper and 1 of 4p. on parchment. - Beaune and other places. Set of 11 documents from the 17th to the 19th century, including 2 on parchment. Sales and shares of land, in particular vineyards. - Morey (S.-&-L.). Handwritten document on paper dated 1522, signed J. de Salins. - Two documents from the 18th c., one of them concerning vineyard plantations in Buffon (Côte-d'Or), 1737. - Beaune and surroundings including Pommard. Sales and divisions of land including vineyards, Important file including about fifty documents on paper including 2 plans of vineyards, and 7 on parchment, XVIIth-XIXth c.; and 8 documents XIXth-XXth c. on Jules Dujardin. - Various correspondence, 18th century. Important set of 61 handwritten letters or bills, almost all addressed to M. de Cazeaux, president à mortier at the Parliament of Bordeaux. The writers are multiple and the subjects are varied. - Champagne wine, 1 piece dated 1743. - Brandy, 2 pieces dated 1808. - SCHOEBEL (Maurice). Treaty of spirits. [And] Treaty of water. 1927. Two typewritten bound booklets, the first one including recipes.
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