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BABELON (J.). The French library of Fernand... - Lot 34 - Kâ-Mondo
BABELON (J.). The French library of Fernand Colombus. Thesis... P., 1913, in-8 paperback, broken spine. 340 pp. On joint: - DUFRESNE (H.). Érudition et esprit public au XVIIIº siècle : Le bibliothécaire Hubert-Pascal Ameilhon (1730-1811). P., Nizet, 1962, in-8 paperback. 614 pp. 3 plates. - TREMBLOT (J.). Libraries and coats of arms of the Royal Academies of Paris. P., 1931, in-12 br. 67 pp., ill. - BOOK (The). The most beautiful copies of the National Library. Paris, 1942, in-4 cart. ed. 170 pp., 182 ill. some in colours. - BIBLIOTHEQUE NATIONALE. The printed catalogues of the National Library. List, description, contents. P., 1953, in-8, débroché. 204 pp. - DELISLE (L.). Elementary and technical instructions for putting and maintaining in order the books of a library. Fourth edition, review. P., Champion, n.d., in-8, paperback. 94 pp. - [Rothschild]. The Henri de Rothschild Library. Precious books, manuscripts, drawings, bequeathed to the National Library. P., 1949, in-8 paperback. 22 pp. 16 plates. Or 7 volumes.
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