* François de TROY (1645-1730) AND WORKSHOP Portrait... - Lot 78 - Kâ-Mondo

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* François de TROY (1645-1730) AND WORKSHOP Portrait... - Lot 78 - Kâ-Mondo
* François de TROY (1645-1730) AND WORKSHOP Portrait of the infanta Marie Anne Victoire (1718-1781). Canvas. 128 × 95 cm. The painting depicts the Infanta Maria Anne Victory, daughter of King Philip V of Spain and Elisabeth Farnese. As a pledge of peace between Spain and France, the Regent decided to betroth the 11-year-old King Louis XV to his 3-year-old first cousin. year old first cousin. The young princess arrived at the Palace of Versailles in 1722 and was admired by the court for her charm and maturity. Again for reasons of state, the engagement was broken off in 1725 and the princess returned to Madrid. She married in 1729 Joseph I of Portugal. We thank Mr. Dominique Bremen who confirmed the attribution. Born in Madrid on March 31, 1718 to King Philip V and Elisabeth Farnese. Engaged at a very young age to King Louis XV, she left the the Spanish court to be raised in Versailles. Adored by the court, she was shunned by the child king and returned to Spain after to Spain after spending four years at Versailles. On January 19, 1729, she married Joseph I, King of Portugal. She died in Lisbon on 15 January 15, 1781. The estate inventory of December 7, 1787 of the Thomas du Fossé family mentions "in the room of Madame du Fossé, the painting of the Infanta without border" and in the inventory of 1788, we find the mention of the Infanta's room.
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