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[Manuscript]. [Mathematics]. CLAUZEL (Pierre).... - Lot 32 - Kâ-Mondo
[Manuscript]. [Mathematics]. CLAUZEL (Pierre). Book of arithmetic made by Pierre Clauzel de Lavelanet, under the guidance of the Brothers of the Christian Schools of the city of Mirepoix 1764. In-8, paginated from 1 to 412, 2 folding tables off-text, contemporary brown basane, spine with 5 nerves, blond basane title-piece (accidents, stains and rough restorations to the binding; browning, missing in the margin of 2 f., 2 other f. missing; tables worn at the folds, ink stain without gravity on one of them).
Carefully calligraphed manuscript, in black ink with ornaments and titles in several colours. The name of Clauzel is widely attested in Ariège in the 18th century, in particular in Lavelanet and Mirepoix. At least one Pierre Clauzel, master glazier in Mirepoix around 1788, is known (see an article in a regional blog published in 2013: http://belcikowski.org/ladormeuseblogue3/?p=6872).
The two out-of-text tables are weight correspondence tables; Page 145-145 and 387-388 missing, page numbers 227-228 unattributed. The author has affixed his signature to each counterfoil, including once with the date 3 Xbre 1765.
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