ALBERT UDERZO (1927-2020). Asterix -... - Lot 3 - Kâ-Mondo

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ALBERT UDERZO (1927-2020). Asterix -... - Lot 3 - Kâ-Mondo
ALBERT UDERZO (1927-2020). Asterix - 25th album. The Great Divide. Plate n°19. India ink on paper for this original plate n°19 in two parts and including nine vignettes. Asterix, Obelix, Dogmatix and Getafix decide to go to the Roman camp in order to deliver the Gallic villagers by pretending to be voluntary slaves. Vignette 1 : Faced with the Roman centurion Tullius Cumulonimbus, Segreix refuses to become a slave. Vignette 2: The centurion gives the order to chain up the resistant Gauls. Vignette 3: Discussion between two Roman soldiers. Vignette 4: Comix and Fanzine wish Asterix, Obelix, Dogmatix and Getafix good luck as they leave for the Roman camp. Vignette 5 : Acidenitrix, the advisor of Segreix, known for smelling like herring, spies on and follows our Gallic heroes. Vignettes 6 and 7: Obelix is surprised to see Dogmatix sniffing all along the way and notices a herring smell. Vignettes 8 and 9 : Asterix reminds Obelix that they will have to behave like slaves in the village to fool the Romans. Titled lower left, signed and dedicated lower right. D. leaves : 26,5 × 43,5 cm and 29,1 × 43,2 cm. D. each plate: 23.7 × 37.9 cm. (Two small stains in the upper left corner, traces of adhesive on the back of the plates). ASTERIX®- OBELIX®- IDEFIX® / © 2022 LES EDITIONS ALBERT RENE / GOSCINNY - UDERZO
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