[LEGAL FEES: 14.28%]. [Literature]. Modern... - Lot 271 - Kâ-Mondo

Lot 271
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[LEGAL FEES: 14.28%]. [Literature]. Modern... - Lot 271 - Kâ-Mondo
[LEGAL FEES: 14.28%]. [Literature]. Modern books bound in richly decorated publisher's box such as: - The Great contemporary novels. Ed. Crémille. TROYAT (Henri). Le sac et la cendre [And] Etrangers sur la terre [And] Les semailles et les moissons [And] Tant que la terre durera * Distributed for the circle of the bibliophile: - TOLSTOI (Leon). War and Peace (1 detached spine) [And] The Brothers Karamazov [And] Anna Karenina [And] Theater [And] News. Ed. Hazan. Coll. The masterpieces of Russian literature. - PEYREFITTE (Roger). The particular friendships. Ed. Edito-Service. Coll. The club of the big literary prizes. * Ed. Rencontre : - MAURIER (Daphne du). Rebecca (1 back partly detached) - SUYIN (Han). Multiple splendor. - RACINE. Complete theater. (back partly detached) - DUMAS (Alexandre). The Count of Monte Cristo. * Ed. Bonnot: - TOLSTOI (Leon). War and peace. Ed. Bonnot. Translated by Princess Irina Ivanovna Paskevich. With the author's illustrations of the time. - CERVANTES. The ingenious Hidalgo Don Quixote of La Mancha. Ill. by Daniel Urrabieta Ortiz y Vierge, known as Daniel Vierge. - CHATEAUBRIAND (François-René). Memoirs from beyond the grave. With illus. of engravings belonging to the coll. of Jean Bonnot. - BRILLAT-SAVARIN (Jean Anthelme). Physiology of taste or Meditations of transcendental gastronomy. Ill. by Bertall. * Ex. reserved by François Bauval for his bibliophile friends. - FITZGERALD (Scott). Tender is the night. Ed. Famot. - MERLE (Robert). Fortune of France [And] La violente amour [And] En nos vertes années [And] Paris ma bonne ville [And] La pique du jour [Et] Le prince que voilà. Ed. Crémille and Famot. - HERIAT (Philippe). Boussardel family. I. The Boussardels. II. The Spoiled Children. III. The golden rings. IV; The time to love. Gallimard. Green publisher's cloth, rhodoïd (as is, lacunae). - La Pléiade. HUGO (Vistor). Les misérables. Filled cover, rhodoïd, case.
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