[FRANC-MACONNERIE- Rite of Hérédom] Diploma... - Lot 340 - Kâ-Mondo

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[FRANC-MACONNERIE- Rite of Hérédom] Diploma... - Lot 340 - Kâ-Mondo
[FRANC-MACONNERIE- Rite of Hérédom] Diploma of the Trinosophes Lodge in Paris in 1818. We, the President, Officers and Members composing the Sovereign Grand Council of the Grand Knights of the Black and White Eagle... Regularly established by the respectable Heredom of France and Scotland and the Sovereign Chapter of the Trinosophers... Certifying and Attesting, to all Sovereign Freemasons that our Brother Chevalier and beloved Bobée ( Alphonse) born in Paris Seine January 13, 1784, Captain of Cavalry, Chevalier of the Legion of Honor, residing rue Lepelletier N 19, who has been recognized by Us prossed ? Legally the ranks of Apprentice Company, Master, Secret Master, Perfect Master, Intimate Secretary, Provost and Judge, Intendant des Bâtiments, Master Elect of 9, Master Elect of 15, Sublime Chevalier Élu, Grand Master, Architect, Royal Arch, Grand Écossais or ? de la Perfection..., Province of Jerusalem Knights of the East and West, Sovereign...., Grand Pontiff, Master ad vitam, Moachite of the Prussian Knight, Prince of Lebanon, Head of the Tavernacle, Prince of the Tavernacle Knight of the Serpent des Rain Prince of Merci, Sovereign Commander of the Temple Grand Écossais de st André d'Ecosse, Grand Knight of the Sun, Knight of the Black and White Eagle... Chevalier K..., and Founding Member of our Sovereign Council of Scottish Grand Lodges... 30th degree of the Ancient and Accepted Rite, corresponding to the second degree of the Rite of Heredom, that its virtues... and the Esteem and Friendship of all his Brothers have earned him. Let us pray...all our Brothers to make him...his Rights...and prerogatives to his degrees...and advise him with benevolence allowing...in our...chapters, colleges and councils...as authentic. The present patent given under our... after having affixed the seals and stamps of our arms. Signed Grand Master President Ragon stamped and sealed...seals of the Sovereign Council. Signature illegible. By order of the Sovereign Council, the Grand Chancellor. Jean-Marie Ragon founded and presided over the Parisian Lodge "Les vrais amis", which later became the Trinosophes. He held the position of Venerable Master of this lodge for many years from 1817. Certificate printed on vellum and laminated to paper. D. 37x52 cm. Poor condition: tears and restorations. See lots 99 and 182 of September 13, 2023.
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