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LITERATURE ARENE Paul (1843-1896), 2 L.A.S.... - Lot 345 - Kâ-Mondo
LITERATURE ARENE Paul (1843-1896), 2 L.A.S. and M.A.S. with his initials. Paris July 7, 1894 and (s.l.n.d.). 5 pp. and 2 half-pages. one envelope preserved. Letter to Jules Claretie, concerning the revival of L'lote. He declines the offer of a "friend" for a writing assignment, and finally a manuscript of an article (draft) dealing with the play Les Exilés; CADOL Edouard (1831-1898),L.A.S. April 10, 1894. 1 p. in-8. Letter of congratulations (birth of a child); CHABRILLAT Henri (1841-1893), 5 L.A.S. (s.l.n.d.). 24 pp. in-8 and in-12. On boulangisme; CLARETI Jules (1840-1913), L.A.S. (s.l.) December 20, 89. 2 pp. in-8 on green paper. He evokes the theater"; COURTELINE Georges (1858-1929), L.A.S. (s.l.) September 4, 1910. 2 pp. in-8. Printed letterhead "Hôtel des familles". A member of the Comédie Française wants to take over Boubouroche. He gives some advice; DEREME Tristan (1889-1841), Paris, 20.VII.1936". 1 p. in-8 oblong. Acknowledgements; FLERS Robert de (1872-1927), L.A.S. (s.l.n.d.). 1 p. in-8. he announces a refusal; GAUTIER Jean-Jacques (1908-1986), L.A.S. Paris 19 nov 51. Figaro letterhead. Request for an appointment; KARR Alphonse (1808-1890), L.A.S. to "Eugène Verreau" Pairs, (s.d. [late April 1853]). 1/2p. in-8. Retained envelope, postmarks. Acknowledgements; LICHTENBERGER André (1870-1940), L.A.S. Paris, June 14, 1934. 1 p1/2. In-8. Discusses literary matters; LORRRAIN Jean (1855-1906) L.A.S., C.V.A.S. and C.A.S. (s.l.n.d. [Lundi]). 4 pp. in-12, gd in-16 oblong, and in-18. Curious letter on blue paper: "In the Egypt of the Pharaohs, Joseph left his coat at Madame Putiphar's; in the Greece of Joseph Renaud, Jean Lorrain left his cigarette holder... empty! at Miss Clark's. Conclude through hysteria and history. Since this Loïe-Fuller-cigar is in your possession, come and bring it back on Thursday in the thirteenth cycle of l'Envers [...]". He signs "Jean de Lor- raine, duc d'A sa guise et prince d'Anvers"; MEYER Arthur (1844-1824) L.A.S. (s.l.n.d.) 1 p. in-8. Rooster letterhead "Je chante clair". thanks; MILLEVOYE Charles-Hubert (1782-1816), 2 L.A.S. and Poem aut. Abbeville, February 17, 1814, February 27, 1816 and (s.l.n.d.) 7 pp. in-4 and in-8. Address and postmarks (for letters). Very interesting letters in which he evokes his works and his life; MONSELET Charles (1825-1888) L.A.S. (s.l.) March 21, 1862. 1 p. in-8. Requests that M. Charles Valette be given "Le Franc-Maçonnerie des femmes"; MONTESQUIOU Robert (1855-1921) L.A.S. (s.l.) 1905. 4 pp. in-8. About a magazine to which he declares himself ready to collaborate: "I would like to see the birth of a truly Tribune magazine, without any chapel or school [...]"; RICTUS Gabriel Randon de St Amand, dit Jehan (1867-1933), L.A. S. to Frédéric Lefèvre, Paris, August 14, 1930. 2 pp. in-4, envelope. Beautiful letter. He thanks Fr. Lefèvre for the article he has just devoted to him, and for his suggestions to help him ".... Indeed, since the war I have had great difficulty in living... it is the high cost of living that condemns me to do my own cooking, which takes up a considerable amount of my time, naturally stolen from working hours [...]"; ROCHEFORT Henri (1831-1913) 2 L.A.S. and C.V.A.S. (s.l.), Ansière, April 18, 1893, April 7, 1893 and (s.d.). 3 pp. in-folio, in-8 and in-16. Correspondance personnelle ; TRUFFIER Jules (1856-1943) L.A.S. Paris, June 19, 1915. 1 p. in-8. Comédie Française letterhead. Acknowledgements; T'SERSTEVENS Albert (1885-1974) 2 L.A.S., C.P.A.S. and 2 L.S., 1924-1933, to Frédéric LEFEVRE. 6 pp. various sizes, 2 envelopes kept. He writes: "I am a sensual lover of all forms of existence that are not the literary life: travel, sports, women, collections, etc. It may have been mistaken for disdain. One could take for disdain what was only nonchalance [...]". He complains of the infamy that is spread about him, and of the hostility of the Nouvelles Littéraires towards him. Enclosed is a facsimile of an invitation to the "Diner des bibliophiles contemporains" for 1890.
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