[Joystick]. Miscellaneous lot including:... - Lot 3 - Kâ-Mondo

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[Joystick]. Miscellaneous lot including:... - Lot 3 - Kâ-Mondo
[Joystick]. Miscellaneous lot including: - Buste de femme aux bananes and Buste de femme aux colliers et chapeau. 2 polychrome porcelain subjects. Marked Ciasa Mexico; - Mannequin and pouf. Polychrome earthenware and metal subject on blackened wood base. Broken (no head). - Robert Loiseleur. Tapered earthenware vase decorated with silhouettes. Neck probably broken. - Seated cat. Subject in black and red terra cotta - Botero horse in plate or black ceramic. - 2 pumpkin-covered boxes in polychrome papier-mâché - square box with pinched edges in polychrome papier-mâché - Samovar" in painted wood - Black glass vase with painted decoration of wreaths and flowers - painted cigar box decorated with a still life of flowers and vegetables, signed M. Lobo - leaf-shaped black-tinted glass pocket organizer - 4 Blandin ashtrays - abstract mosaic signed Salvador Mexico 62 - Bougie del dia de los muertos. As is. And miscellaneous...
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