A batch of costume jewelry that at first... - Lot 232 - Kâ-Mondo

Lot 232
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Result : 120EUR
A batch of costume jewelry that at first... - Lot 232 - Kâ-Mondo
A batch of costume jewelry that at first borders on the poetry of sadness or mourning, and more Poe than Maupassant, in dark, often synthetic materials, opaque ethnic necklaces or bracelets, the light of a scarlet chronograph watch with quartz movement and double deployant (photo 1) ; then red becomes more pressing, in necklaces, dislocated or not, in earrings, taking back from metal and imitation stones the gaiety of a pride that a gambling dice bets in the court of miracles... A metal lady's watch, a glittering key-ring and a brooch with a wedding coat-of-arms (photo 2) then ring out the army of ceremonial woodwork, presenting, in turn, the natural necklaces of steppe warriors, on horseback or on foot, unless the desert is their backdrop, wood and bone, but also synthetic or imitated amber (photo 3), the golden light then sets on a nest of brilliance, on a neck chain with Taino motifs, on a water lily brooch with imitation stones, on a school of bodice fish or on a well-thought-out mesh choker; at the end, resting on a medal of merit, she sleeps on a shiny seaweed, quietly perceiving the enamel effluvia of her serene esotericism. (photo 4) The moon then rises on an ensemble of earth and marsh colors, necklaces of steel or composite materials, a bit of metal, in spring thread from La Mollla, or a lapis lazuli pendant for naturalness and a multicolored watch for the right to be late (photo 5). To be explored and explored again.
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