Classical [on designation] : Paintings, Goldsmith's art, Furniture, Works of art

mardi 16 février 2021 13:00
Kâ- Mondo, 17, passage Verdeau 75009 Paris
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Classical [on designation] : Paintings, Goldsmith's art, Furniture, Works of art

Tuesday, February 16, 2021 at 1pm

Chez Kâ- Mondo, 15/17 passage Verdeau, 75009 Paris

Lots 1 to 67 are sold by SELARL KAPANDJI-MORHANGE and are subject to the legal court fees of 14.28% including tax following the judicial liquidations of RECIPROQUE, MUIZON-RIEUNIER and LEMOINE.

Lots 68 to 436 will be sold by Kâ-Mondo, operator of voluntary sales at a cost of 26% including tax.

No exhibition before the sale, the lots will be visible only. BY APPOINTMENT!

For lots whose description is preceded by :

* : the objects are located at Paname Services in Pantin at 14 avenue Edouard Vaillant, 93500 Pantin.

** : the objects are located at LTSE in Saint-Ouen (address given when making an appointment)

The other lots in our study at 15/17 Passage Verdeau.


Kâ- Mondo will not proceed to any sending but will be able to transmit co-ordinates of conveyors following the integral payment of the docket.

1 / For lots located at Paname Services (*), please follow the link below:

In order to prepare your application as soon as possible, we need the following documents:

  • Paid slip or return slip
  • Buyer's identity document if present in person/power of attorney of the buyer + agent's identity document and copy of the buyer's identity document if not present at the time of collection
  • Appointment booking at least 48 hours in advance

After-sales storage

- 15 days free storage (from the day after the day of sale)

- As from the 16th dayafter sale,Paname Services charges the buyers a handling + storage fee (see their prices).

- In our warehouses, any handling request will be invoiced at the indivisible hourly rate of 40 Euros per person per hour, excludingVAT.

Rates :

Administrativefees (excl. VAT) per slip: 5 €.

Storage fees HT per lot and per day : 1 € / 3 € / 5 € / 10 €, depending on the nature of the lot

2/ For lots located at LTSE, please contact the following address:

Storage fees: free until 2 March December 2020.

From 3 March 2021: 6 € / day / lot.

Sales conditions