JAPON : Triptyque par KUNIYOSHI

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JAPON : Triptyque par KUNIYOSHI
JAPAN: Triptych by KUNIYOSHI, appearance of toads in the background observing three heroes and their troops busy following the sumo fight that small batrachians are fighting in front of them. Signature of the artist Chôrô KUNIYOSHI (left and center) and Ichiyûsai KUNIYOSHI (right) in a coloquinte-shaped cartouche and followed by his Kiri seal (paulownia) on each board. Edited by Tsuru-ya Kiyemon in 1842-3. Excellent colors and print, very good condition (small dirt on the top, tiny unmarked horizontal fold). Complete picture for each sheet, which is rather rare, like this triptych by the way; nice embossing. Shôguntarô Taira Yoshikado () in the center is being served drinks, his sister Takiyasha on the left is watching the confrontation; children of the late Taira Masakado, they are seeking their revenge. Iga Jutarô on the right, will be their instructor in black magic, that of invoking the spirit of toads in particular Notes: A similar copy at the MFA (Museum of Fine Art) Boston, from the Coll. William Sturgis Bigelow under the n°11.41809a-c Vertical Ôban Triptych by KUNIYOSHI (17971861), one of the greatest Japanese print artist of the 19th century), Edited by Tsuru-ya Kiyemon in 1842-3. Beautiful colors, very good impression and condition (very minor folding nearly unvisible unless you carry by hand each sheet, slightly soiled near top border and slightly worn on top margin), full images, unbacked, embossing. Shôgun Taira Yoshikado, his sister Takiyasha Hime, and Iga Jutarô, watching a sumo match between two small toads, much bigger and spectral ones surrounding the whole scene in the background...