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[Fine Arts]. LANDON (Charles-Paul). Annals... - Lot 39 - Kâ-Mondo
[Fine Arts]. LANDON (Charles-Paul). Annals of the Museum and the Modern School of Fine Arts. Volumes 1 to 16 [and] First collection [supplement]. A Paris, chez Landon, Didot Jeune, Chaignieau Aîné, Migneret, et Imp. des annales du musée, An IX-1800-1809. 17 vol. in-8, old pink cardboard in the Bradel style, green title and tomaison booklet (binding rubbed, spines faded and rubbed, 6 headpieces damaged, qq. corners broken, corners dull; 6 small paper losses in margin without att. to the text, rare russ, q. ff. partly disjointed, worm work in t.13 p.105 at the end in margin and with att. to pl. and text from p.143; 46 pl. missing). Important collection of commented line engravings, illustrating on the one hand "the principal works of painting, sculpture or architectural projects, which, each year, have won the prize, either at the special schools, or at the national competitions; the productions of artists of all kinds, which, at the various exhibitions, have been cited with praise", on the other hand, "the complete collection of paintings and sculptures of the Napoleon Museum; and of that of Versailles; the most curious objects of the Museum of French Monuments; the principal productions of living artists", as it is indicated in the subtitles. The illustration consists of 17 frontispieces, 1214 (out of 1260) plates on laid paper, 34 of which are folding, engraved by C. Normand, Le Bas, El. Lingée (or Mme Lefevre), Pauline Landon, Mlle Athalie, G.M.B. and Devilliers l'Aîné ; They represent notably the works of Percier, Ducq, Norblin, Le Noir, Redouté, David, Caraffe, Clodion, Regnault, Raphaël, Guido Reni, Poussin, Girodet, Isabey, Carrache, Rubens, Le Sueur, Le Brun, Fra Bartolomeo, Vaudoyer, Landon, Titien, Ingres, Corrège, Elysabeth Cirani, Mme Villers, Madame Le Brun (Vigée Le Brun), Petitot, Jules Romain, Véronèse, Dupré, Caravage, Louis Carache, Madame Monges, Jean Goujon, Annibale Carache, Davy Chevigné, Leonard de Vinci, Girodet, Van Dyck, Van Ost, Philippe de Champagne, Le Seur, Vouet, Ledoux, Albane, Dominiquin, Eléonore Lingée, Girardon, etc. Collation: VIII-148 + VIII-VI-140 + X-p.9-152 + [3] f., VI-p.9-152 + VIII-VI-p.9-152 + [4] f., VI-p. 9-151 + [4] f., VI-p. 9-151 + [3] f., VI-p.9-152 + [3] f., V-p.9-147 + [3] f., p.9-148, V p. + [3] f., VI-p.9-149 + [3] f., VI-p.9-152 + [3] f., VI-p.9-152 + [3] f., IV-p.9-148 + [3] f., IV-p.3-140 + X-p.11-138. Suppl.: 209 p. (Brunet III, 813; BnF-FRBNF42451857) Provenance : Francesco-Giacinto Caissotti, count of Chiurasco and Roubion (county of Nice, born in 1790 : engraved bookplate) ; label of the bookseller Bohaire in Lyon. Attached: PILON (Edmond). J.-B. Greuze. Painter of the woman and the young girl of the XVIIIth century. Paris, L'Édition d'Art, H. Piazza, [1912]. In-8, 96 p., [3] f., paperback, filled cover. 50 captioned reproductions of the artist's works, including 49 plates and one at the head of the preface. Copy on strong vellum paper. Attached : DIMIER (Louis). The French painters of the 18th century. History of the lives and catalog of the works. Paris et Bruxelles, G. Van Oest, 1928. 2 vol. in-4, XII, [1] f., 405 p., [1] f. +VI p., [1] f., 402 p., [1] f., paperback, filled cover (spine and cover worn, spine distended). 128 plates of reproductions of the works in heliotype. The work brings together monographic studies on the painters: Watteau, Lemoine, Antoine Coypel, Gillot, Galloche, Tournières, Vleughels, Delyen, Trémollières, Van Schuppen, Bonaventure Debar, Arnulphy, Oppenord, Pineau Père, Toro, Bernard Picart ; then Detry, Subleyras, Nattier, Oudry, Grimou, Nicolas Coypel, Dumont Le Romain, Dumont de Tulle, Frontier, Collin de Vermont, Raoux, Belle, Pesne, Goudreaux, Octavien, Quillard, Lajoue, Meissonnier, Servandoni
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