A set of 20th century bound, paperback or... - Lot 54 - Kâ-Mondo

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A set of 20th century bound, paperback or... - Lot 54 - Kâ-Mondo
A set of 20th century bound, paperback or folio books on flowers, in French, English and German: - WALTHER HAAGE. Die welt der pflanze. Euphorbien. Vol. IV. 1931 - VILLARD. Flowers through the ages and at the end of the 19th century. 1900. Ill. by Madeleine Lemaire. - HABERSAAT. Our mushrooms. Manual of the amateur. - THIJSSE. Bloemen in onze tuinen II. - MANSFIELD. Shrubs in color and cultivation. - MANSFIELD. The border in colour. - L'atelier du Père Castor presents : Discoveries. - WOOD, TRECHSLIN. Roses. - Das nieverlorene sparadies... 2 copies. - PITRAY. Flowers of legends. - Die welt der pflanze. Crassula. 1924. - VER TEMPLE. Flowers and butterflies. - BUNYARD. Old garden roses. 1936. - Patterns from nature. Photographs by Horst. - Flowers to color. - BUNYARD. Old garden roses. 1936. - MANSFIELD. Roses in color and cultivation. 2 editions: 1943, 1947. - KORDES. Das rosen buch. - HENREY. Flower portraits. - History of roses. - GUILCHER, NOAILLES. L'atelier du père Castor presents : The buds are opening. - The complete guide to garden flowers. An encyclopedia of garden planning. - GREENAWAY. Under the window. - Flower arranging for every day and special occasions. - Flowers. Photographic reproductions in hardback folder. - The flowering cactus. - MALLET. Gardens and paradise. 1959. - Ideal flowers invented and designed by Jean Pillement. [And] Baroque flowers invented and designed by Jean Pillement. Hardback folder with photographic reproductions published by Calavcas Frères. - 2 photo albums with newspaper clippings and photographic reproductions. - VACHEROT. Charm and diversity of orchids. Baillière et Fils. - Painters of flowers in France from the 17th to the 19th century. Museum of the Petit Palais. - Beautiful flowers of our gardens. Larousse. - Garden and lawn, 1937. - Flowers of the world. Hachette. - JAEGER. The strange life of flowers. Horizons de France. - Gartenschönheit eine zeitschrist mit bildern. 1926, 1927, 1928 and again 1928 - Our beautiful flora. Ed. of the message. - Lilies of Japan by Ogawa. - A folio of fruits. Ariel press. - Fleurs idéalle invented and drawn by Jean Pillement. - Gardens and gerdening. Lay-outs for small owners. - Plants of the world. Hachette. Volume 1 - House & gardens. New complete book of gardens. Simon & Schuster 1955 - Der garten - Ancient flowers. Albert Garcet. 1st (?) and 2nd series. - Leaves and flowers. Photographs by Pierre Auradon. - Plates of the floral encyclopedia by Plauszewski.
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